How does PlayMais work?

It’s as easy as this

1. Cutting

2. Modelling

3. Dampening

The girls are moistening PlayMais with a little water.

4. Glueing

The girls are sticking the moistened PlayMais together.

What is PlayMais?

PlayMais is a natural toy for crafting which does not affect our environment. When the maize is dampened it becomes adhesive. In this way, children are able to create patterns, animals, pirate ships or a world of fantasy. With food colouring but without any artificial additives it is 100% biodegradable.

Two girls are playing with PlayMais.

The PlayMais crafting sets have been awarded with the prestigious “spiel gut” seal for toys of a particularly high pedagogical value. Furthermore the “Independent Toy Award” as well as the “German Brand Award 2019” in the categories “Excellent Brand in Kids & Toys” and “Sustainable Brand of the Year“.

How is PlayMais produced?

We produce toys for children. So, we believe that this obliges us to a commitment: Sustainability. Our proprietary biogas plant generates climate-saving energy for an eco-friendly production process. Our maize is grown using strictly controlled cultivation methods. The complete manufacturing chain is based in Germany. Thus, we are able to guarantee fair working conditions and short production routes.

Numerous application areas in pre-schools and schools

PlayMais can be used in a large variety of school subjects. Whether art, physics, languages or simply learning by playing, PlayMais offers countless creative possibilities for many areas of the curriculum.

Art lessons

PlayMais offers great experiences: modelling, cutting, pressing, glueing – and a lot more unlimited creative fun. PlayMais is not only an ideal modelling material in terms of topic-related creation but ideally suited for individual and group projects. Moreover, it can be used and combined with different materials like cardboard, paper, clay and much more.


PlayMais enables playful learning of numbers, illustration of shapes and solids and helps developing the cognition in terms of quantities.

Natural Sciences

From nature for sciences: PlayMais offers versatile applications in the subjects of physics, biology and chemistry. Descriptive and vivid models of all subjects can be recreated.

Language teaching

Children who experience slight difficulties in learning the alphabet will enjoy our didactic material and learning will become great fun. Whether letters or numbers – with multicoloured PlayMais memorization will be a cinch.

Integral Learning

Using PlayMais with its haptic, visual, and motoric stimuli guarantees multi-sensory learning, thus developing all cognitive abilities.

9,6 / 10*

*Rating of PlayMais by parents after tests in different countries. The average score of good toys is 6-7.

The parents‘ favourite toy

Parents worldwide trust PlayMais – not only because it stimulates creativity and motor skills, but simply because the children have lots of fun. On average, children play one hour with a PlayMais set. And if PlayMais should end up in the mouth? Nothing to worry about: Our PlayMais is absolutely harmless.

It’s as easy as this

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PlayMais is not equal to PlayMais: There are diverse product ranges for different ages and types of play. Simply click through and find the right set

Eduline: learning by playing

Even more learning fun in educational facilities: Our Eduline Sets are the ideal add-on for creative teaching and learning opportunities.

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CLASSIC: Endless playing fun

Our classic since the year 2000: the PlayMais original sets. These are boxes full of creativity to let the imagination run free or exciting sets to create complete PlayMais worlds.

All classic products

MOSAIC: like CLASSIC, only mini

With the smaller PlayMais, children fill in colourful mandalas or shapes while also working on their fine motor skills.

All MOSAIC products

Bring the wilderness into your home!

With PlayMais HOME you give every child’s room, your living room or bedroom the special touch! Simply design the template with PlayMais!

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